- Cas Limited Editions are really Limited Editions, this means that when the order periods have expired, the items are no longer available.  So don't wait too long to order.
There will be new Cas Limited Editions after that, which are of course other articles.
- The Cas Limited Editions are made after ordering, this has been chosen to offer the widest possible size range (so for the smallest to the largest) and to ensure that the club does not have to take large stocks and therefore has no unnecessary costs. 
- You will receive your order app. 3 weeks after the orderperiod has been closed

Limited edition CASRC Varsity vest

Limited edition CASRC Varsity vest

Exclusief  CAS RC LIMITED EDITIONS VARSITY VEST.order before  June 17, deli..

Vanaf €57.50 Ex Tax: Vanaf €47.52

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